The Hustle - Episode 178 - Alan Shacklock

The music career of Alan Shacklock reads like a history of British rock and roll. He started out rocking as a pre-teen hobnobbing with other future luminaries and eventually made it big as the guitarist and creative force for the 70s blues band Babe Ruth.

They may be best known for their hit "The Mexican" which has become one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop history. In the last 70s he decided to pursue production and among the people he worked with that we talk about are Dexys Midnight Runners, JoBoxers, The Alarm, Meat Loaf, Roger Daltrey and Dennis DeYoung with tangent stories about everyone from Jeff Beck to Andrew Lloyd Webber! Pound for pound there may be more stories and name-dropping in this conversation than anyone we've featured so far. Just stand back and let him go! Enjoy!


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Episode 178 - Alan Shacklock
2 Oct 2018 · The Hustle