Reporter for WZTV-TV/Fox 17 Gets a Recording Studio Makeover from SAE Nashville

Kelly Rippin, an anchor/reporter for WZTV-TV/Nashville, received a “recording studio makeover” from engineers Alan Shacklock and Joe Masters at SAE Institute’s Nashville campus.

Shacklock and Masters used SAE’s professional studios, recording equipment, and audio processing software to improve Rippin’s studio performance of Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off”.

“Singing in a professional recording studio setting was the most humbling experience of my life,” says Rippin. “Alan and Joe were so amazing. They couldn’t have been any more comforting, helpful, or awesome if they tried. Plus, they made me sound fantastic.”

Rippin sang into a Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead microphone and the two engineers recorded her performance using Logic 10, a digital audio workstation program by Apple. They then mixed Rippin’s vocals on a SSL Board over a pre-existing backing track and added E-Series equalization as well as on board compression from the SSL board. Finally, they tuned and edited her vocals using the Logic X tuning software. The entire process took about six hours to complete.

“Kelly's timing was very good, so there was very little quantizing or repositioning of her vocals that we needed to do,” says Shacklock, a three-time Grammy nominee, and has produced silver, gold and platinum recordings for such artists as Jeff Beck, Meat Loaf, Roger Daltrey, and Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber. “Given that her job requires speaking into a microphone rather than singing, she did great.”

Lynn Dorton, Campus Director of SAE Institute Nashville, wasn’t surprised by how comfortable Shacklock and Masters made Rippin feel in the studio.

“As the Department Chair of our Audio Technology Program, Alan is also one of most popular faculty members,” says Dorton. “His ability to encourage, support, and get the best out of our audio engineering students is a huge asset for SAE Nashville, and Kelly’s relaxed demeanor in the studio was a direct result of Alan’s talents. Joe is one of our top Logic Pro instructors, and there’s no better example of his amazing skills than the big reveal of Kelly’s made-over vocal performance. The three of them made a great team, and I’m thrilled that Kelly enjoyed the experience so much.”

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Reporter for WZTV-TV/Fox 17 Gets a Recording Studio Makeover from SAE Nashville


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