JENNY HAAN Interview 2021 – the BABE of BABE RUTH

Janita (Jenny) Haan has been called “the most powerful voice in rock history” from her work with British ‘prog-rock band, Babe Ruth. With a career spanning an incredible 50 years, the band led by composer/arranger/guitarist Alan Shacklock had many hits, their single “The Mexican” being a hit twice when it was taken up by remixer Jellybean Benitez and the hip-hop community in the 80s.

Jenny talks about how she developed her powerful vocal sound, dance moves and trademark costumes. Most impressive is her charm, her positive attitude and open mind. In a world filled with inflated egos, this is a rare example of a band that succeeded because of mutual respect allowing them to work together to achieve success. 

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JENNY HAAN Interview 2021 – the BABE of BABE RUTH
By Richard Niles on October 25, 2021