ALAN SHACKLOCK, Rock God, talks to Richard Niles – PART 2

Guitarist, songwriter, arranger and producer Alan Shacklock had massive hits with his Art/Prog Rock band BABE RUTH in the 1970s, with singer Jennie Haan. He went on to produce Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Meat Loaf, Mike Oldfield, Bonnie Tyler, Jeff Beck and Roger Daltrey.

He produced soundtracks for the films Quicksilver, Doc Hollywood, Buddy’s Song and music for the FIFA World Cup. His song “The Mexican” (1972) became a massive hit in the 90s in the B-Boy & hip hop market. He’s a founder of British Record Producer’s Guild and was honored as EMI Songwriter of the Year for his #1 True Believers by Christian artist Phil Keagy.

He is currently Lecturer of Audio Engineering/Production at Nashville’s Belmont University.

In this interview with Richard Niles, Alan tells the first part of his incredible story, growing up in Hatfield, being part of the London music scene of the 1960s, success with BABE RUTH and his move into production.


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ALAN SHACKLOCK, Rock God, talks to Richard Niles – PART 2
By Richard Niles on October 9, 2021