James Attlee talked to top producer ALAN SHACKLOCK about everything from studio battles with Meatloaf to the questionable ethics of chart hyping by zealous evangelicals

The wall in front of EMl's Abbey Road studio bears witness to the fact that to many people, the place remains a kind of shrine. Thousands of rock and roll tourists over the years have walked the zebra-crossing immortalised on the cover of the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' album and have scrawled a personal message to their heroes on the low white wall outside the studio. They must keep some EMI employee busy with a whitewash bucket.

James Attlee met up with hitmaking record producer ALAN SHACKLOCK to talk about his rock'n'roll origins and Christian faith.

I first met Alan Shacklock when he produced a band I was playing guitar with, back in 1983. The group was called Language, a fairly obscure dance-music outfit, who released a single on Stiff Records and a single on A&M in the UK, and a single and a mini-album, which had some success in the clubs in the States, on A&M America, before disappearing into the bargain bins.

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