Cherry Red have, once again, released a CD set devoted to an obscure rock band. The band in question are UK hard rockers Babe Ruth. The set, Darker Than Blue, is a three disc set featuring the band’s first three studio albums. As to be expected from Cherry Red, Darker Than Blue is another fine release from the label.

Ahhhh, now here’s a fun one. Those of us with a love of 1970s bands that never managed to achieve mass success (but were every bit as good as the ones that did) have had a lot to thank Esoteric Recordings for over the last fifteen years.

Ranging from the genre’s earliest groups to modern-day stalwarts, we count down the best of the best.

Drawing up a list of the 50 best prog rock bands is an ambitious project if there ever was one. Then again, the best prog is always about ambition of some sort.

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